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In the beginning, God created.

It doesn’t matter how old or how big we are. When we look at pictures from space, we all realize how small we are in comparison to the vastness of God’s creation.

The Work of His Hands for Kids

With photographs from Colonel Jeffrey N. Williams’ time on the International Space Station, The Work of His Hands for Kids nurtures children’s curiosity as they see the wonders of God’s creation and learn of our salvation in Jesus. This edition is a condensed, simplified version of the book for adults.

Sold in packs of 10. That’s just $2.49 per student!

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The majesty of a mountain. The splendor of a sunset. The fragility of a flower. All these wonders remind us who the Designer of the universe is.



Download free sample pages of The Work of His Hands for Kids.

About the Author

Colonel Jeffrey N. Williams

Jeffrey has been an astronaut in the US space program since 1996. He has logged a US record of 534 days in space on four flights supporting the International Space Station. Jeffrey is the author of The Work of His Hands, which has been adapted into the children’s book The Work of His Hands for Kids.


Spanish Edition

The Work of His Hands for Kids is also available in Spanish in packs of 10. Use this edition during multilingual VBS at your church or take copies with you on your next mission trip!

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VBS 2019: Miraculous Mission

Send a copy of the book home with each child who attends Miraculous Mission VBS. You’ll help nurture their faith even long after VBS is over.

Teach kids in your church about the wonders of God’s creation.
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